ABG Horticulturist, Greg Lusk, plans to incorporate new plants in the Mary E. Bivins Tropical Conservatory to offer Winter interest and long lasting color. Some plants he is wanting to add this winter are the Acai Palm, Hawaiian Sunset Vine, and a Hawaiian native fern collection. A $100 donation covers the purchase price and initial care for one of these new additions.

Remember with Roses

Your gift will be acknowledged and recorded in the Remember with Roses Roster in the permanent records of ABG. Funds from this Gift program are used for the restoration, beautification and upkeep of the ABG Rose Garden. Your $100 gift enables ABG to honor your loved one with a glorious rose bush maintained for your and the community’s enjoyment for many years to come. A Garden admission pass is also included for a one-time family or group Rose Garden visit.

Children’s Area

Plans are underway for a Children’s Garden. The playful, informal setting of the Garden and our hands-on child-centered approach to teaching will not only support a child’s acquisition of new knowledge, but will also provide an environment that builds social, emotional, physical and creative competencies.

Classic Container

Your gift supports the expense of one large container on the Gardens grounds for one growing season. Your $300 gift enables ABG to fill the vessel with seasonal plantings, maintenance and irrigation expense through Christmas in the Garden, and will provide Gift Underwriter signage (underwriter’s name and honoree’s name). This donation will enable ABG to emphasize annual and seasonal color, placing unusual plantings in primary locations.

Oasis Society

Membership in the Oasis Society requires an annual donation of $1000 a year. This donation is in addition to any pledges or gifts to the Gardens made during the same year. 90% of your donation will support ongoing operations at the Gardens. 10% of your donation will be placed in an endowment to support the Gardens future needs. Members will receive an invitation to an exclusive honorary cocktail buffet reception and receive a named honorary planting in the Oasis Society Garden. Members will also receive free admission to Music in the Gardens and free admission to the Christmas in the Garden.

Le Petit Jardin

Your gift supports the care and maintenance of a specific area of the Garden for one growing season through Christmas in the Garden. Funds from this Gift program provide for exceptional annual and perennial plantings in a prominent garden. Your $1000 gift provides for educational plant identification signage, mulch, plants maintenance and irrigation expense as well as Gift Underwriter’s signage (underwriter’s name and honoree’s name).

Maintenance is Beautiful

A $2,500 gift will underwrite the cost of Gardens’ mechanical maintenance for one month, as well as provide support for additional expenses such as repairing walls, fountains, and the greenhouses. In addition to the Wisteria level of membership benefits provided for gifts of $2,500 or more, “Maintenance is Beautiful” sponsors will be recognized with signage describing their gift on-site. They will also be featured in one issue of the newsletter and on the ABG website for that entire month.